Frank Singhoff and I will give a tutorial on AADLv2 at MODELS Conference, scheduled on September 28, 2014.

See the following link for more details MODELS’14 site, and of course register.

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The Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL) is an SAE International Standard dedicated to the precise modeling of complex real - time embedded systems, covering both hardware and software concerns. Its definition relies on a precise set of concepts inherited from industry and academics best practices: clear separation of concerns among layers, rich set of properties to docu-ment system metrics and support for many kind of analysis: scheduling, safety and reliability, perfor-mance, but also code generation.

In this tutorial, we provide an overview of AADLv2 and illustrate how several analyses can be combi-ned on an illustrative example: a radar platform. In this tutorial, we also present Model-based engi-neering process allowed by AADL to both verify and implement automatically areal-time embedded system.

The tutorial will be composed of four parts.

Part 1 will be an introduction to AADLv2 core. In this part we will present the syntax and semantics of the AADL.

Part 2 will introduce the radar case study to illustrate the use of AADL.

Part 3 will address scheduling analysis. We will introduce real-time scheduling theory and who it can be used to access schedulability of AADL models.Finally,

Part 4 will be dedicated to code generation. We will present how to generate code from an AADL model and how it can be run

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