About AADLib

AADLib is a library of reusable AADLv2 components, associated property sets and validation theorems based on REAL. It has been defined to work properly with Ocarina and OSATE2.

AADLib is made of two distinct libraries:

  • A library of reusable components, in the src/ directory. These components are generic blocks to start modeling your embedded systems using AADL. Proposed blocks span on all component categories: processors, devices, buses, etc.

  • A library of examples, in the examples/ directory. These examples have been defined to ease the learning curve of AADL. For each model, we provide the list of supported analysis (and tool).

Use with OSATE2

AADLib is defined as an OSATE2 project, simply imports the full repository using a git import, or reference an existing copy of the library.

it is recommended to install Ocarina and its companion plug-in to take full advantage of the library.

Use with Ocarina

In this mode, AADLib can be used as a library of models to be processed by Ocarina.

If Ocarina is installed in your path, then simply type

./configure [options]

to set up the library.

In the examples directory, you’ll find several examples, type

make help

to know which AADL processing facilities are supported.


Here is a quick overview of the distribution

  • INSTALL : build and installation requirements
  • NEWS : release information
  • README : this file
  • examples/ : some examples built on the AADLib library of components, see examples/README for more details
  • src/ : AADLv2 models, property sets and REAL theorems
  • support/ : files used for packaging the distribution