Note: updated on September 29 2013

About tool support

AADL, as a modeling language is backed by several analysis tools, we list some of them in this post.


OSATE2 is the reference implementation of AADLv2 done by the SEI. It support the core language, and can be completed with additional plug-ins to extend its modeling and analysis capabilities:

  • OSATE 2 Validation plug-ins
  • OSATE 2 ARINC653 framework
  • Instance Model Viewer
  • The Lute Constraint Language
  • Error Model Annex V2

Tools integrated to OSATE2

Some tools are directly integrated as OSTE2 plug-ins

  • Behavioral-Annex by Telecom-ParisTech
  • RAMSES code generation by Telecom-ParisTech
  • BLESS toolset


AADL Inspector is a lightweight standalone model processing framework for AADL, see , with full customer support for industrial users

  • Import of AADL textual specifications (individual files or projects)
  • Syntactic analysis (aadlrev) for AADL v2.1 (AS-5506B), AADL Behavior Annex (AS-5506/2 Annex D + errata), AADL v1 and v2.0 upwards compatibility
  • Static rules analysis
  • Architectural metrics
  • Schedulability analysis through CHEDDAR v3
  • Dynamic simulation of AADL models, integration of the MARZIN Multi-Agents simulation engine
  • Command line options for batch processing

Ocarina suite

Ocarina and its companion plug-ins and runtimes are also available in this web site, supporting:

  • Parser: support both AADL1.0 and AADLv2 syntaxes;
  • Code generation: targetting C real-time operating systems: RT-POSIX, Xenomai, RTEMS; and Ada using GNAT for native and Ravenscar targets;
  • Model checking: mapping of AADL models onto Petri Nets, timed (TINA) or colored (CPN-AMI);
  • Schedulability analysis: mapping of AADL models onto Cheddar or MAST models
  • Model Analysis: using the REAL language, one can analyse an AADL model for particular patterns or compute metrics.

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