Ocarina is part of the TASTE project since its inspection http://taste.tuxfamily.org/. The project helped defining first its Ada runtime, then its C variant.

As part of the SOCIS initiative, we propose the following projects:

  • Performance analysis of the PolyORB-HI/C runtime. The objective is to propose relevant benchmarks to exercise the runtime, in particular memory footprint, performance, useless copies of data, etc.

  • Code quality review of the PolyORB-HI/C runtime. Apply code quality analysis tool to detect dangerous conditions (inconsistent usage of pointers) or bad quality style.

  • Provide improvements in the general architecture of the PolyORB-HI/C runtime to ease the support of new Operating System, without neglecting code quality.

These projects require advanced knowledge in C and RTOS, and the will to learn AADL, the core of the TASTE toolchain.

If you are interested in participating as a student, please contact: hugues ( dot ) jerome ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com

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